Artificial Intelligence
AI has made its way out of the labs and towards our daily lives. And judging from the pace of activities in the startup community and the major IT powerhouses, it will only grow in its ability to help us get things done easily & effectively.
At GoodWorkLabs, we have analyzed and understood the potential of AI to transform businesses across varied industries. We have set up an advanced center of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies and have worked with a slew of clients across Startups and Fortune 500 companies to build multiple Artificial Intelligence solutions for their business.
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Boost Sales

What if your sales technology was so smart that it knew the deals you were working on via your calendar, email, and phone interactions? That’s nothing but AI in action. Being an artificial intelligence company, our AI services automatically builds and monitor your pipeline so that you can focus on closing more deals rather than on manual data entry. Too much on your plate? Use AI as your sales assistant in finding the data you want, reminding you to follow-up with certain prospects, and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

The Big Data trend gives businesses an incredible amount of information about buyer behaviour, but no real way to use them. Just add the AI to get accurate forecasts and qualified leads. Marketers can now classify and create audiences based on the likely future actions of users. AI can even automate e-mail synchronization, offer recommendations to customers, and predict customer sentiment and buying behaviour from time to time.

Customer Retention

How do you know when customers aren’t happy if they don’t tell you? Until now, customer services were half supposed to employ mind readers to understand the needs of customers. Now the AI can capture signals that your team might miss and can find correlations and feelings in customer data. If a customer does not feel so confident about your company, you can take proactive steps to correct the situation before he tells you he is unhappy.

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